The common links that came together and evolved into the creation of our company Serafino are founded on the love and passion we have for children, quality, fashion and for the people that make up the Serafino team.


Our strengths lie in the quality of our clothes which are created from superior cottons of the Mediterranean. One more core differentiator of Serafino is the great “Value for Money” of our product line. Over time we have perfected and continue to evolve our techniques, designs, and fashion concepts to make sure that the final product is of highest quality and at surprisingly reasonable prices.

Our company was first launched in 1963 under the name “NEGRO” and a few years later was re-named to “SERAFINO”. We then entered the market of infant clothing with our flagship retail brand MAMMA NATURA.



SERAFINO – MAMMA NATURA is a family owned and run business which boasts almost 60 years of hands on, industry related experience. We have accomplished continuous year on year growth and the demand in our products have respectively grown in the markets of Greece, Cyprus and the Balkan Region.

Our ability to put our customer satisfaction at the heart of our business model, respecting and listening to our customers’ needs in order to deliver the latest in fashion design, and always being one step ahead of the industry trends has allowed us to be positioned as one of the leaders in the industry in our region.

We invite you to become a part of the SERAFINO family and are confident that our product line will allow your own business to continue to grow in a healthy manner.

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